Yogurt Parfait – 8.5
Granola made in house served with cinnamon spiced honey yogurt.

Pan Fried Oatmeal – 9
Our unique twist on an old favorite, topped with lemon curd and blueberry sauce served in a skillet.

Specialty Toast – 7
Avocado on multigrain OR cream cheese and fresh tomato on rye

Old Town Breakfast – 13
Two eggs any style with hash browns and toast with your choice of sugar-cured bacon, sausage, ham steak or avocado. Toast: sourdough, multigrain, rye or cranberry sourdough.

Buttermilk Biscuit Sandwich – 12.50  (add sugar-cured bacon $4.50)
A buttermilk biscuit made in house served with scrambled eggs, cheddar, tomato jam, and hashbrowns.

Green Eggs and Ham – 14.50
Scrambled eggs, with spinach, pesto and goat cheese served on a buttermilk biscuit with a slice of ham. Served with hashbrowns.

The Charlie Bowl – 14.50   (make it classic size $3)
Our version of a hash with crumbled biscuit, hash browns, diced ham, bacon, corn salsa, peas, green onions, cheddar and sausage gravy topped with two sunny side eggs.

The Veggie Bowl – 14.50   (make it classic size $3)
Our version of a hash with crumbled biscuit, hash browns, peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, corn salsa, peas, green onion, cheddar and mushroom gravy topped with two sunny side eggs.

Harrison Salmon Scramble– 15
Soft scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, onion cream cheese, avocado-bean salad and multigrain toast.

The Gravy Coops – 16.50
A buttermilk biscuit topped with two sunny eggs, sausage OR mushroom gravy, green onions, peas, hash browns and your choice of fried chicken, chorizo, fried pork belly or fried Portobello mushroom.

Huevos Rancheros – 16
Fried corn tortillas topped with tomatillo salsa, black beans, jalapeno sour cream, guacamole, goat cheese, cilantro, smoked chorizo sausage, two basted eggs and house made corn bread.

Eggs Benedict
All of our eggs benedicts are served with two poached eggs, house made hollandaise over a toasted English muffin with a side of hashbrowns.

Classic Ham – 15
Two poached eggs, sliced ham steak with classic hollandaise over a toasted english muffin.

Steelhead Benedict – 16
Two poached eggs, smoked Steelhead salmon, cream cheese with classic hollandaise over a toasted english muffin. Topped with capers & green onion.

Chorizo Benedict – 15
Two poached eggs, smoked chorizo and tomatillo salsa with classic hollandaise over a toasted english muffin.

Blackstone Benedict – 15
Two poached eggs, sugar cured bacon and roasted tomatoes with classic hollandaise over a toasted english muffin.

Veggie Benedict – 15
Two poached eggs, mushrooms, spinach and roasted tomatoes with goat cheese  and classic hollandaise over a toasted english muffin.

Fried Chicken Benedict – 16
Two poached eggs, whole fried chicken breast, classic hollandaise topped with roasted corn salsa over a toasted english muffin.

Pork Belly Benedict – 16
Two poached eggs, two pieces of pork belly, onion jam, bbq sauce, and classic hollandaise over a toasted english muffin.

Herald Street Omelette -15
Served with hash browns, toast and your choice of two fillings: cheddar, goat, monterey jack, spinach, green onion, chopped tomatoes, mushrooms, sugar-cured bacon, ham, onion jam, tomato jam.
Toast: sourdough, multigrain, rye, or cranberry sourdough

Farmers Breakfast Skillet -14
Two scrambled eggs with sausage, bacon, peppers, mushrooms and hash browns topped with cheddar cheese, green onions and tomatoes. Served with your choice of toast.

Naan Breakfast Burrito – 14.50
Indian naan bread, two sunny eggs, avocado-bean salad, goat cheese and our house chili sauce.

Three Pigs – 14
Three cooked maple sausages dipped in pancake batter and fried and served with maple butter syrup and fruit

Cracker Jack – 15
Banana and Nutella sandwiched between two pieces of brioche french toast with whipped cream and fruit.

Brioche French Toast – 14.50
Classic French toast made with brioche bread topped with your choice of blueberries, caramelized apples and cinnamon or bananas & strawberries.

Chicken French Toast -16.50
Buttermilk fried chicken on top of our brioche french toast drizzled with tobasco honey and jalapeno sour cream, tomatoes, pickled cabbage and green onion.

Triple Stack Pancakes – 14
A three stack with your choice of blueberry, banana walnut, spiced double chocolate, cinnamon cream cheese swirl or our famous red velvets. Served plain with maple butter syrup – 12.50

Pulled Pork Pancakes – 17  Half order – 14
A double stack layered with pulled pork & topped with maple bbq glaze, jalapeno sour cream & pickled cabbage.

The Waffle Board – 13   (add an extra waffle $4)
A single waffle topped with your choice of sautéed apples and cinnamon, blueberry or strawberry banana. Served with a side of fruit.

Chicken N’ Waffles – 17
A single waffle topped with a boneless buttermilk fried chicken breast, house made pork gravy, a sunny side egg, and green onions.